Travel Consent Form

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It’s usually this time of the year where we get requests to notarize documents for a minor child who will be traveling outside of the country.  A child traveling outside the country with one parent, both parents, or with a relative or friend, will either need one parents signature notarized or both parents.  Usually, it’s the parent who will not be traveling with the child who’s signature requires notarization.

You can find several examples online on what information should be included with the Travel Consent Form.  You can also ask the airline company for direction.  Some countries will even ask for the Travel Consent Form to receive a California Apostille.

Over the years we’ve notarized hundreds of Travel Consent Forms in Los Angeles.  You can depend on us to notarize your documents correctly in order to avoid any potential issues.  We can have a notary at your location within an hour or two.   We are a traveling notary service only and we cater to West Los Angeles, South Bay Area, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, and more.

Call us at 1-888-857-0717 for fast Los Angeles traveling notary service now.  Please don’t wait till the last minute.  Thank you.

Travel Consent Letter Apostille – California Apostille